23 November 2018

Viking Travel in Humanities KS3P

KS3P have been learning about the Vikings in Humanities. They learned about how the Vikings used to travel to invade other countries. Check out our photo gallery of our model longboats!

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16 November 2018

Lego Therapy - Autumn Week 9

This week in Lego Therapy we did some team building games which allowed us to transfer skills learned in Lego Therapy sessions. We will be doing similar activities every few weeks which will teach us how to use our communications skills in different situations. Everyone worked very well this week.…

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9 November 2018

Lego Therapy - Autumn Week 8

This week in Lego Therapy, we continued working in groups of 4 performing job roles to build Lego sets together.

Mrs Appleton's group - Lorne, Jack, Jake and Sam showed excellent teamwork and listening skills and successfully built their models together.

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2 November 2018

Lego Therapy Week 7 - Autumn 2018

This week our group was introduced to the different job roles in Level 2 Lego Therapy. We worked in groups of 4 and each person took turns being a Builder, Supplier, Engineer and Director. We had to work together, listen to each other, give each other clear instruction and descriptions and solve…

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5 October 2018

Lego Therapy - Autumn Week 5

This week in Lego Therapy, we introduced job roles. We worked in pairs and one person was a builder and the other was an architect. The architect had to read the instructions, find the pieces and give them to the builder. The builder had to listen to instruction from the architect and build the…

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28 September 2018

Lego Therapy - Autumn Week 4

This week in Lego Therapy we watch part of a Lego animation TV show. We looked in particular at the parts the characters and buildings were made up of. Our challenge was then to build a small model of our own then describe what pieces we had used to the group.

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21 September 2018

Lego Therapy - Autumn Week 3

This week our Lego Therapy group had the challenge of building a small Lego set in pairs. Daniel and William worked very hard together and managed to complete their Lego set by working as a team. After this we had challenge cards to build different things independently to practice our fine motor…

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23 June 2018

Horticulture Afternoon

Our horticulture groups have been busy preparing the raised beds and planning a calendar of vegetables to grow throughout the Spring. The onions are in and various other vegetables will follow soon! The photos above show Post 16 hosting their Horticulture afternoon where students, staff and…

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1 May 2018


The focus this term is on vocational preparation and communication.  Students are completing modules based around this area at the relevant level depending on their accreditation pathway. We have been researching different ways to plan a journey using different map reading skills and…

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13 March 2018


P16 horticulture group are busy preparing and planting flower troughs in preparation for the Horticulture open day. The horticulture site boasts a large working greenhouse and numerous raised beds where a variety of seasonal vegetables are grown each year by the students. The horticulture site…

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