Africa day - KS3F

We had a fantastic day learning about Africa, KS3F especially enjoyed African drumming, eating plantain and colouring the national flag of Ghana. 


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Play dough phonics - guessing game

KS3F were challenged to make something from play dough, they told the rest of the class the first sound and they were asked to guessed what it was. Can you guess what this is it begins with ‘sh’?




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Making jam tarts - KS3F

KS3F using their fantastic cooking skills to make jam tarts!

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The Railway Children’s tea party

KS3F on world book day enjoyed listening to the story of The Railway Children and prepared their own tea party.

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KS3F making pasta bolognese

KS3F really enjoyed making bolognese sauce in DT. They did lots of tasks independently!


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Dough Therapy Intervention Group - practicing pincer grips

In our dough therapy group we practice using pincer grips in lots of different ways. Take a look at our pictures to see how. 

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Star swimmers in KS3F

Well done to all pupils in KS3F, you achieved fantastic swimming awards and we’re very proud of you!


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Choosing ingredients and making our healthy dips

In KS3F we have created our own healthy dips.  We chose our favourite ingredients.


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Why do we do dough gym in KS3F?

We asked KS3F why do we do dough gym.

This is what they said:

Reece: To get better at doing shoe laces. To get better at writing and typing. 

Poppy: It helps our brain and our muscles.

Katie: It helps us use two hands together.

Ben: To get better at building.


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