20 September 2021

Light Room Session

Enjoying our Monday morning lightroom session.

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21 May 2021

Expressive arts

Students had a fantastic time practiced their new skills of singing, drumming, dancing and signing during their expressive arts session.

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23 November 2020

KS4F- using technology to prepare for a special occasion.

KS4F had a group discussion about their perfect Christmas Day. They then planned the day using the computer. 

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23 October 2020

KS4 Home learning

KS4 have been working from home this week using Microsoft teams! Here is a small selection of the work they have completed! Well done to everyone who joined in and worked so hard!


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25 September 2020

WLCHS Bake off

Today is Miss Laurence, one of our TA’s, last day so we had our very own KS4 bake off! We think we did rather well...

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10 July 2020

Dancing our way to the weekend

Today KS4 created a video of their fantastic dancing with a few surprise guests! 

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26 June 2020

Our world

The last two afternoons we have been making our world using paper mache.


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26 June 2020

Drawing a panda

This morning some of KS4 had a go at drawing a panda, they followed the steps on news round. The link is https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/53063451 we would love to see your pandas if you draw one at home!


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22 June 2020

Windy day fun

Great fun was had today with the parachute in the wind!

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18 June 2020

Today we made a ladybird!

Today we used cardboard, paper and glue to make a ladybird!

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17 June 2020

Mini beast hotel

This morning we checked our bug hotel to see if we had any guests yet! We couldn’t see any yet but we will keep checking...

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16 June 2020

Our Bug Hotel

Yesterday we found the perfect location for the bug hotel that some of LST had made previously at one vision. We will keep checking on it to see if we get any guests!

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