Handling Money in LSF

Learning Suite Foundation have been learning to recognise and sort coins. Students also enjoyed digging for coins and posting coins. Some student have even been adding up coins to make small amounts. 

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Dough Disco!

LSF enjoyed a Dough Disco this morning to warm up their fingers before practicing their handwriting.


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LSF Rewards

Students in Learning Suite Foundation have been earning pennies for following the rules in class. On Friday they spent their pennies on some different rewards including sensory toys, sweets and stickers. Some students chose to save up for something bigger that they wanted next week! 

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Kindness is Contagious

Thank you to Guy Unsworth for our FREE book! We enjoyed reading about Freddie and Polo and their friendship. Kindness makes us feel happy and when we are kind to others, kindness comes back to us!


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Healthy Lifestyles in Learning Suite

Students in Learning Suite have been enjoying this week's theme of 'Healthy Lifestyles'. Each mornings classes join together to take part in a walk up and down the corridor and tally up how many lengths they've done. Students have also taken part in a range of exercise on the outdoor equipment,…

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Cooking in LSF

LSF enjoyed making fairy cakes to support with their Number work.


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Water Play in the Sunshine

Students have been enjoying lots of water play outside in the sun whilst it's been so hot!

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LSF Make Chipatis!

Students in LSF who have been in school have been learning about India through some practical and sensory experiences. Today they made some chipatis using flour, salt, water and oil. They were very sensible near the cooker and were very brave and tasted the new food!


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Shere Khan

One LSF student has been enjoying reading the Jungle Book story as part of his learning about India. Today he made the baddy "Shere Khan" from the story using toilet roll, paint, paper and pipe cleaners. Well done!

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Ready, Steady, Cook Challenge - Complete!

Well done to one of our LSF students for completing all of the Ready, Steady, Cook challenges!

It's fantastic to see you being independent and practising those important life skills! We are so proud of your achievements!


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LSF Home Learning Super Stars!

Well done to our LSF students who have been cooking, making snacks. planting, writing and counting at home this week!

We are so proud to see you being independent at home and developing those important life skills! 


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Working Hard at Home

One of our LSF students has been painting, trampolining, reading and writing this week - and it's only Wednesday! We are so proud of you for doing lots of things at home to keep you busy, well done!


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