KS3P student working hard at home!

We are keeping in touch with our parents to find out what students have been doing while they are not in school. Here is a photo of what one of our KS3P students has been doing!

Making the bed

Tidying and sorting clothes

Making food - Spaghetti Bolognese and banana flapjacks!


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Exploring reflections - KS3P

KS3P have enjoyed learning about reflections in science.  They were challenged to walk along a wiggly line using a mirror - they weren’t allowed to look at floor! They also enjoyed using mirrors and decoding secret messages. 



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School Games - KS3P

KS3P have really enjoyed taking part in School Games today. First, they were challenged to timed athletic activities such as how many step ups or laps they can do in 30 seconds. After that they all enjoyed dancing, yoga, making fruit kebabs and designing there own poster. 

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Exploring light - Science in KS3P

KS3P enjoyed exploring light in their science lesson today. They experimented with reflecting light in mirrors and had fun making animals with

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Pumpkin carving - DT in KS3P

KS3P had lots of fun in DT today calving pumpkins. They also made delicious pumpkin soup with the leftover pumpkin.

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Road testing our Christmas market gingerbread men

KS3 progress have been practicing making gingerbread men in preparation for the Christmas market. They also enjoyed taste testing them after! Well done KS3P you all worked very independently and we’re really proud of you. 


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Model Tudor houses

In KS3 progress we have been learning about Tudor houses. Today we enjoyed making a model village while listening to Tudor music! 



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KS3P Summer 2019 Reward Trip

Key Stage 3 Progress enjoyed a hard earned reward trip to Southport today. They enjoyed a nice meal at Brewers Fayre and spent some time on the park playing football. Everyone had a fantastic time!

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KS3P Computing Presentations

KS3P worked hard last half term to create PowerPoint presentations about a subject area they were interested in. They had to be very creative with the content, using transitions between slides, text and photo animations and interesting photos related to the content they had researched. They spent…

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KS3P Woodlice Habitats

In science, KS3 Progress have been learning about  animals and their habitats. We investigated what habitats woodlice like to live in. We chose different environments and watched the woodlice to see which environment they like the best. We found out that woodlice like to live in dark, damp…

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KS3P Autism Awareness Week

Students in KS3P spent time during Autism Awareness week discussing what Autism is and how it affects the lives of those with Autism. The particular focus was on how Autistic people communicate with those around them and how each persons Autism is unique. They also looked at how everyone is…

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Collecting Data in KS3P

We have been busy collecting data about our favourite films, sweets and colours and producing pictograms and bar charts to express the results.

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