LSF @ Home!

Student's in LSF have been working so hard at home with their reading, fine motor skills and maths! 

We are so proud of you all!


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Writing at Home

Well done to this superstar for having a go at some letter formation and writing activities at home! You have improved so much and we are so proud of your achievements! Well done! 

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Reading in the sunshine!

Well done to this Learning Suite Foundation student who has been reading in the sunshine whilst learning from home. Fantastic work! It's lovely to see our students using the outdoors as a learning environment :)

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Home Learning

One of our LSF students has been very busy with his mum and brother at 'Home School'. 

Yesterday he enjoyed a PE session with Joe Wicks, read 'How to train your dragon' then made his own dragon babies! He then did a maths lesson using dragon eggs, enjoyed playing with playdough AND practised…

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Rainbow Ice Painting

One of our sensory learners enjoyed some rainbow ice painting yesterday. 


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Communication using a talking book - Learning Suite Foundation

Here is a video of one of our students in Learning Suite Foundation using a talking book to support his communication development. 

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LSF Children's Mental Health week

Learning Suite Foundation have enjoyed lots of wellbeing activities this week for Children's mental health week. They've tasted different fruits and made a fruit salad as one of their '5 a day', made some lavender playdough and been outside in nature on a scavenger…

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The Snail and the Whale

Learning Suite Foundation have been looking at the 'Snail and the Whale' sensory story as part of their English lessons on narrative verse. They sat sensibly on the carpet and listened to the story as they explored different aspects of the book through a sensory approach. This involved visiting…

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2D Shapes in Maths

Learning Suite Foundation have been learning about 2D shapes - recognising them, identifying them in real life objects and identifying their properties. Today we used lollipop sticks to make different shapes to help us count how many sides the shape has.


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Dough Disco in LSF

Learning Suite Foundation had a try at using 'Dough Disco' to get their fingers and hands ready for handwriting this morning. Students rolled the play dough into different shapes, stretched it and pinched it using a pincer grip. We had lots of fun and hope to keep using 'Dough Disco' to help us…

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Learning Suite Tree Planting Day

Learning Suite Foundation and Learning Suite Progress have enjoyed a day filled with tree-related activities including finger painting their own leaves onto trees, leaf rubbings and planting their own trees. It's been a really fun day!


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LSF Egg Sorting

Today in maths, Learning Suite Foundation watched the Scene from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory where the geese lay golden eggs and they are weighed and sorted into 'good' and 'bad'.


Students had to weigh the eggs and if they weighed more than 20g, they were 'good' eggs, and less…

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