Post 16 River Tawd Ramble

Some Post 16 students enjoyed a ramble today. We walked from school to the River Tawd and it was great spending time outdoors in our local area. It was a hot day so an ice lolly at the end of the day was very much needed.

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DofE Training

Post 16 Transition have been enjoying their DofE training. Today we looked at the Countryside Code and the three main rules: Respect, Protect, Enjoy. In the afternoon we showed great teamwork and communication building different tarp shelters.

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Hungry Hippos

Post 16 students had lots of fun playing Hungry Hippos as part of their DofE and Gym/Swim. There was some great teamwork and communication shown. 

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Lunch in Unit P16T

Post 16T have prepared and made Shepard’s Pie for the main course and Bakewell tarts for dessert.  The group worked well as a team and independently on some of the tasks set.

The meal looked and smelled delicious ☺️

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Post 16 A visit in Time

Post 16 Transition visited Rainford Village Hall this afternoon to look at how the village has changed over time.  The students saw photographs dating back as far back as 1840 and were fascinated by the old photographs.  The group are hoping to build on this experience by visiting the Heritage…

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Lunch in Unit

Post 16 Transition students have been learning about hospitality in Lunch in Unit.  They have worked as a team to produce a two course meal, set the table and add finishing touches.  They invited both Mr Grant and Mrs Bradshaw for lunch.  

The guests enjoyed their lunch and the group had…

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DofE Map Reading

Post 16 Transition have made a great start to their DofE training. We have learned about map symbols, grid references and following a route on a map...some fun games really helped! We then practiced our new skills with a map walk around our local area. There was great teamwork and leadership…

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DofE Bronze Expedition

Day 1

With our waterproofs on and rucksacks packed ready for the challenges and adventures ahead of us we were excited to set off on our journey to Tawd Vale Adventure Centre. We showed great navigation skills, using OS maps and photo maps to follow a route from school to Ruff Wood where we…

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Countryside Code - DofE

Post 16 students have been learning about the Countryside Code in preparation for their expedition.  Students have researched why the code have been developed and put in place and have used their research to design and make information leaflets and posters.

When on expedition the students will…

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Duke of Edinburgh Meal Practise

Post 16 Transition have had a brilliant morning preparing a meal for themselves.  The group looked at simple meals that could be cooked.  The group decided on hotdogs with cake and custard for dessert.  The group worked safely as a team to prepare, cook and serve the meal.  The group gave the meal…

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Asdan Environment

Students in Post 16 have spent the last few weeks studying the environment, the impact of climate on the planet and how this can impact wildlife and the world around us.  Students completed research on chosen animals and the impact climate change is having on their habitats and natural…

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Post 16 Transiton - Asdan

Post 16 Transition have been completing road traffic surveys as part of their Asdan Environment module.  The group used a tally chart system to record the numbers of vehicles travelling on the roads.  The group recorded the number of vehicles travelling on 20mph and 40mph roads near to…

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