• Many of our students struggle with making friends within school and in the wider community.
  • Students often cannot recognise these difficulties which leads to communication breakdown and feeling isolated.
  • aniMATE is an intervention which enables students to build communication skills to help them to develop friendships in a safe environment.
  • Initial focus is on communicating in pairs then focus shifts to communicating as part of a small group.
  • It will be held every Friday during our Interventions Morning.


Aims of Intervention

  • To build on and develop friendship skills through fun animation based activities.
  • To recognise and begin to use strategies to repair communication breakdowns.
  • To develop communication skills with an emphasis on: Eye Contact, Sustained attention, Listening to each other, Taking turns, Making a contribution and Compromising / Negotiation.
  • The program is split into 3 stages which increase in complexity.
  • Level 1 - To develop basic skills needed for successful communication. Students will work together on animation projects in pairs in an informal way. The initial purpose is to develop communication skills so students will be asked to work with a number of different students, where appropriate.
  • Level 2 - To build on the skills gained in stage 1 to work as a group of 3 or 4 students to create animations and shorter projects. The focus here is to be able to use learned or improved skills within a group setting. The particular focus here is turn taking, contibution and negotiation.
  • Level 3 - At this stage, students will be put into groups of up to 4 and asked to work on a longer term animation project, where this is appropriate. The will be asked to storyboard, plan and negotiate about their ideas before going on to develop a longer animation of about 5 minutes.


Measured Impact

  • Teachers and TA's will feedback on observed skills in the wider school.
  • Pupils will complete half termly reflections and will have their own journals.
  • Feedback through end of year reports.
  • Through tracking targets set.