Autism and Me


  • Many of our students with Autism struggle to understand their own diagnosis and what it means to them.
  • Our students have to come to terms with their diagnosis and at the same time try to cope in a non-autistic world.
  • It is an intervention for students with a diagnosis of Autism.
  • It will be held every Friday during our Interventions Morning.
  • It has been developed from materials developed by Peter Vermeulen and published by Jessica Kingsley Publishing

Aims of Intervention

  • To become aware of own uniqueness and celebrate their autism.
  • To recognise their own strengths and how they can contribute to society
  • To be confident with their autism and develop strategies to cope with the wider world.


  • The structure of the programme has been developed to explore individuality and uniqueness.
  • The course looks at their outside appearance, likes, dislikes, thoughts and feelings and how we have similarities but that we are still unique.
  • Students will complete their own journal and reflect on what knowledge they have gained about themselves and each other.
  • They will set themselves small targets to explore throughout the school week with a focus on communication and interaction skills.

Measured Impact

  • Teachers and TA's will feedback on observed skills in the wider school.
  • Pupils will complete their own feedback and will have their own journals.
  • Feedback through end of year reports.
  • Through tracking targets set.