Boxall Programme


  • A targeted intervention for students in Key Stages 3 and 4
  • It is an opportunity for young people to speak openly and honestly about feelings.
  • It develops group dynamics and relationships away from curriculum environments.
  • It supports the development of valuable trust relationships.

Aims of Intervention

  • To provide intensive, well-structured teaching and support for students who need to learn to manage their own behaviours and to build positive relationships with peers and adults.
  • To teach students to develop strategies to cope with their emotions.
  • To begin to recognise their own strengths and self-worth.


  • The sessions involve structured activities to develop self-esteem, confidence building, recognising strengths and weaknesses, understanding feelings and managing anger.
  • Reflection time allows students to share feelings and experiences from the week.
  • Relaxation time to allow students opportunities to take part in gentle activities.
  • Group snack opportunity to prepare and serve food and drinks.
  • Focussed task involving group discussion and activities.
  • Sensory activities to support self-regulation.

Measured Impact

  • Initial assessments using the Boxall profile for Young People.
  • Students work with staff to set own targets that are linked to their needs.
  • Targets can be included on IEP documents.
  • Termly assessments and reviewed regularly.

Boxall Program

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