At your fingertips, fine motor skills - Babies and toddlers ...

Fine Motor Skills


  • Fine Motor SKills within school has been developed to support students with a range of needs that affect their ability to access the curriculum fully.
  • Our Occupational Therapist provides advice and support for sensory issues, fine and gross motor skills, mobility issues and allocated equipment to staff who support sessions.
  • Our Occupational Therapist is predominantly in school Fridays and supports our weekly Intervention Morning and works with the Fine Motor Skills lead.

Aims of Intervention

  • To support students with fine motor skills through advice and support plans.
  • To liaise with parents to ensure advice and support is shared and opportunities are given to develop skills in the home environment.
  • To support school staff to ensure consistency of approach and best support for students across the school day.


  • The programme will be personalised for each individual student referred.
  • The Occupational Therapist and Intervention lead will observe students and gather information through parental contact and liaising with staff.
  • Students will access the designated programme throughout the school week ensuring they have opportunities to generalise their skills.
  • Assessment materials used have been developed and these help to develop the personalised programme for each student.

Measured Impact

  • Regular review of Care Plans.
  • Policy and protocol regularly updated.
  • Contributing to training school staff on up to date issues.
  • Liaising with allocated staff to ensure programmes are implemented appropriatly and effectively.
  • Interim reports and contributions to the school annual review process.