MOVE Programme


  • The MOVE programme sets long term, achievable goals with pupils and their families which aim towards developing physical skills and increasing independence.
  • The long term goals are broken down into smaller steps that can be integrated into everyday life.
  • The programme is suitable for those who struggle sitting, standing or walking confidently or for those who are maintaining these developing skills.
  • A holistic approach is undertaken when setting up the programme for a student and involves the senior MOVE practitioner in school and the Occupational Therapist.
  • Personalised targets are set for each individual student.

Aims of Intervention

  • Increase the independence of students through movement.
  • Increase self-help skills.
  • Increase the quality of life, communication and inclusion for students.


  • Three long term goals are selected by family, practitioner and student.
  • These are broken down into achievable targets using the MOVE manual.
  • Programmes are then developed so that they can be incorporated into the school day or through focussed sessions on Intervention Morning.
  • The content of the MOVE programme is produced by Enham Trust.

Measured Impact

  • Each student has a personalised assessment programme and this is monitored by the senior school practitioner.
  • Targets are updated regularly and recorded to ensure progress is tracked.
  • Feedback given to parents.