PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)


PECS is a communication system that is based on pictures that represent words.  The whole process involves students exchanging pictures with others as they would with words when in a conversation. The PECS programme within school enables students to functionally communicate effectively across the school day.  Staff across the school have received training through Pyramid to gain the skills to support our students on their PECS journey.  

Aims of Intervention

  • To enable all students with communication difficulties to communicate effectively with others.
  • To support staff with advice and guidance when working with students.
  • To ensure students have the resources they need to communicate effectively


  • Students will work under the supervision and guidance of Speech and Language Teams.
  • Students will learn all aspects of the 6 phases of PECS starting with basic discrimination to exchanging full sentences.
  • Students will learn to navigate their own vocabulary set to communicate in a wide range of contexts.

Measured Impact

  • Assessments by Speech and Language Teams
  • Progression through the phases of PECS from a known starting point.
  • Observations by staff teams and feedback about wider use of PECS across the school day.

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