Speech and Language Therapy


  • Speech and Language Therapy at West Lancashire Community High School is delivered through a collaborative approach with school staff.
  • This ensures that targets are embedded in their learning across a range of settings.
  • Using our resources staff integrate therapy within the structure of the lesson and enabling generalisation of skills.
  • Support given is matched to their linguistic, social and educational needs.

Aims of Intervention

  • To work collaboratively with staff and parents so that students develop and/or maximise their speech, language and communication skills in order that they are able to access the curriculum and that they become more independent and confident communicators.


  • Work collaboratively with teach staff and parents.
  • To ensure that to the best of their ability, students will:
    • be able to express their needs and ideas.
    • Understand spoken language.
    • Interact successfully with peers.
    • develop awareness of their strengths and weaknesses.
    • competently eat and drink.
  • Advise, liaise or consult with staff, parents and other agencies.
  • Assess, devise, implement, evaluate and report on intervention goals.
  • Contribute to the annual review process.
  • Be involved with training for parents and staff.

Measured Impact

  • Speech and Language follow specific assessment protocols and triage and this is fed back to school.
  • SaLT will also feedback and liaise with parents.