Teaching and Learning at Key Stage 3

  • Students are taught on a 3 year rolling programme.
  • Student’s learning is focused on designing, making and applying technical knowledge using a range of materials.
  • Students develop skills in cooking as well as learning about nutrition and healthy eating.

Teaching and Learning at Key Stage 4

  • Students have the opportunity to complete AQA units, ASDAN Life Skills or ASDAN Transition Challenge as part of their accreditation route.
  • Students build on the skills of design, making and evaluating.
  • Students further develop their cooking skills to help promote independence as well as further developing awareness of nutrition and healthy eating.

Ways I can help at home

  • Let you child explore how things are made.
  • Spend time with them, making and exploring materials.
  • Allow them to help in the kitchen when making meals or baking.

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