Teaching and Learning at Key Stage 3

  • Reading , writing and spelling is taught through the Read,Write Inc reading scheme.
  • Learning takes place on a 3 year cycle focusing on different genres, historical periods, poetry, authors and plays.
  • Teaching and learning encourages reading of a variety of books to challenge, interest and enjoyment and a part of World Book Day.
  • Students are encouraged to practice skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening through the different topics taught.

Teaching and Learning at Key Stage 4

  • Students have the opportunity to follow accreditation pathways to suit their needs and potential.
  • Students are taught reading, writing, speaking and listening through the various accreditation routes and topics (Fiction, Non Fiction and Poetry).
  • Pathways include; Step Up to English, AQA Unit Award Scheme and ASDAN Transition Challenge.
  • Some pathways may involve an exam.
  • Students participate in World Book Day.

Ways I can help at home

  • Listening to your child read.
  • Encourage them to talk about what they see around them.
  • Playing games to encourage speaking and listening.
  • Visit local libraries to choose books to share at home.


Learning Suite Progress English - Summer Term 1- Non-Fiction 

LO: To research your chosen animal and create a blog. 

Josh - 

Kitten, Kittens can sleep to up to 70 percent of their life, also Kittens have a strong sense of smell. They can't hear fully until 2-3 weeks, but they can fit their body anywhere as long as their head fits in it. Newborns kittens purr, newborn kittens can purr and can often be heard doing so while they’re nursing or their mothers are cleaning them. Unfortunately, our kittens have been rescued so Miss Darcy acts as their mother. Their squeaks and squeals are much more obvious, if you listen closely you’ll hear their content little motors running. This kitten is named Cleo and also I named it :D! I chose that name because it fits well.

Josh's English Work


This is Crunchy, he is 4 years old in August. he likes to be held and gets in the most awkward positions. He sheds his skin every 6 weeks, roughly... I like to wear it as a necklace :)  He eats mice every 10 days. Crunchy is one of my favourites. 

William's English Work

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