Teaching and Learning at Key Stage 3

  • Students learn about History and Geography. They learn about migration to England, Viking, Battle of Hastings, Henry VIII, Spanish Armada and the Industrial Revolution, WW1, Holocaust an d the 1920s USA.
  • Students learn through planned sessions and films that capture that time in History.
  • Students learn about Africa, Russia and the Middle East, including population, climate and trade.
  • Students will develop skills in map reading, reading a compass and field study.

Teaching and Learning at Key Stage 4

  • Students will complete AQA unit awards as part of their accreditation route.
  • Students will study coasts, settlement, volcanoes & earthquakes and tourism.

Ways I can help at home

  • Visit museums and the local area.
  • Watch history programmes on TV.
  • Collect memorabilia from holidays.

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