19 May 2022

Mr Mullen's Maths Lesson

In some of our Maths lessons, we have been revisiting some of the skills taught early in the year.  We have been re-discovering fractions, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, understanding addition and subtraction and the inverse.  We have also developed our understanding of sequencing days of the week…

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19 May 2022

Mr Mullen's 'Lights, Camera, Action' English Lesson

In our English sessions we have begun to explore 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' play script.  In our lessons so far we have explored the features of the text and how it is different to other books they have read.  They came up with some amazing observations.


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28 April 2022

Mr Mullen's Applecast Farm Visit

Mr Mullen's English group visited Applecast Farm today.  They had a fantastic time and represented themselves and the school exceptionally.  All of the students loved feeding the animals and some students overcame their anxieties to have an amazing experience.  We finished our visit in the cafe…

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27 April 2022

Mr Mullen's English Group (Playscripts)

In Mr Mullen's English group we have started to explore Harry Potter and The Cursed Child as our text based on the KS3 topic of Lights, Camera, Action.  The students were asked to look at the front and back cover and talk about and fond important elements.  They all gave amazing answers though the…

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31 March 2022

Miss Scott's Class Visit to Applecast Farm

Miss Scott's class visited Applecast Farm and met lots of different animals as part of our Farm to Fork theme.  They all had a great time and finished with a visit to the cafe to practice their communication skills.




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28 March 2022

Mr Mullen's Maths Group (Money Work)

We have been working hard on understanding the values of our coins and combining them together to make a value.  The students used Numicon to support their learning.

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22 October 2021

Functional Maths and Life Skills

In Key Stage 3 we make sure the students get out into the community and practice their maths and life skills.  Here the students are demonstrating that they know how to keep themselves safe when crossing the road.  For many students, this is one of their PLG outcomes.

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27 November 2020

Photography Session

This week we have used Christmas decorations to create different effects including Bokeh (Blurring effect).  The students have once again shown a real eye for brilliant images.  Enjoy!

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6 November 2020

Key Stage 4 Autumn Photography

We decided to spend a little time outdoors today capturing some autumnal images.  We hope you like them.


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16 October 2020

Key Stage 4 Photography - Autumn at The Beacon

Today we visited The Beacon Country Park to try and capture a little touch of Autumn.  Again, the students have captured a fabulous range of images.  Well done to them all.

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14 October 2020

Key Stage 4 Photography

As always, the students in Key Stage 4 have produced some amazing images using light effects, reflections or just images of things that interest them.  Again, they have all done an amazing job.  Check out the gallery for this weeks selection.

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2 October 2020

Key Stage 4 Photography - Reflections and Light Play

In Photography today we have changed the shutter speed settings and the light sensitivity settings to create some light trails and patterns using a lens ball.  We hope you like the results.

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