KS3F - Making 2D Planets in Computing

KS3 Foundation have looked at 2D design today in computing. They looked at our solar system and chose a planet to design in 2D, using cardboard, glue and tissue paper. They had to make sure they used the correct colours for their planets.

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KS4 Mock Interviews

Today in our careers lessons KS4 students took part in a mock interview. 

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KS4 Horticulture

This week in horticulture  key stage 4 students investigated and compared soils at different locations around school.  We used litmus paper to test and compare the acidity of the soils. 

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LSF Community Visit to Coronation Park

Students in LSF enjoyed a visit to Coronation Park yesterday. Students have been working on playing with, and alongside, one another for short periods of time to develop their social interaction skills. We had lots of fun!


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KS3T Lancashire School Games

Today KS3T had an enjoyable day joining in with the Lancashire School Games. It was lovely to see the class working as a team encouraging each other throughout the day. 

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KS3 Foundation - Visit to Haigh Hall

Key Stage 3 Foundation enjoyed a visit to Haigh Hall this week.

Who Went?

All students in KS3F went to Haigh Hall with Mrs Reston, Mr Balson, Mrs Elliott and Miss Brannigan 

Where did we go?

We went to Haigh Hall in Wigan - we traveled there on the school minibus.

When did we…

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Fir Tree Fisheries Animation

We had great fun creating a story about a space ship crash and building a ship and alien with Lego. We then dropped the ships from a great height and smashed them while filming in slow motion. 


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KS3P Computing - Rocket building

Students in KS3 Progress have worked hard in their Computer Modelling topic. They have created a 2D design on paper, turned this to a 3D Computer Model using Tinkercad, and finally they have worked in groups to create 3D physical models.

Well done KS3 Progress!

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KS3 Computing - Rockets ready to blast off!

KS3 Foundation worked hard finishing their rocket designs in Computing. They began with a 2D design, then worked as a group to create a 3D design on the PC and finally, they created their physical models.

Well done everyone!

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KS4P Science

KS4P have been replanting our beans that we grew in Science.

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Recognising emotions in disagreements

This morning is PSD our students took part in some role play. They were given different scenarios to resolve. Students then discussed how the situation was dealt with and what could of gone differently.

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