County Lines Workshop

Today we had a drama group in to deliver a workshop on County lines.  The performance was to make students aware of criminal exploitation known as County Lines and give them the awareness to keep themselves safe in the community.  The performance was fantastic and grabbed pupils attention making…

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Yoga and Meditation

The Wellness Intervention group have enjoyed practising some Yoga poses this morning followed by a meditation exercise where they had to imagine their own tree house. We ended the session with some hot drinks and toast. It was a lovely session and everyone tried their best at every pose and…

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#HelloYellow for Young Minds

Learning Suite Foundation have enjoyed our #HelloYellow day today. We have had a yellow food feast, learnt about different feelings and emotions, participated in social artwork where we coloured and drew things that make us feel happy and then we planted some daffodils this…

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Quadrant Graphs and emojis!!!

Learning Suite and KS3 students loved linking #helloyellow day in with their maths learning this morning. Mrs McEvoy gave students coordinates and they had to draw an emotion emoji on that plot. 


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LSF Fantastic Fingers!

Learning Suite Foundation have been working their hands and fingers hard today by doing lots of different fine motor activities. This included playing different turn taking games where students had to follow rules and instructions by doing good listening. The game also involved naming body parts,…

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KS4 Art and Design Watercolours

KS4 Art and Design students have been introduced to watercolours. Students have been working with their still life photos to produce watercolour pictures.



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Thank you P16F

A big thank you to the students in Post 16 Foundation who planned, prepared and served me a meal today as part of their 'Lunch in' Unit. I enjoyed my pasta and my blondie! You were all fantastic hosts and I had a very enjoyable lunch.

Miss Scott

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KS4 Progress Careers

KS4 Progress have been looking at customer awareness in their careers lesson. Today we have dicussed customer rights and the best way to make a complaint. 

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Chemical Reactions

This term KS4 Progress are looking at Chemical reactions for their ASDAN Short Course Science. Today we burnt magnesium.



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Hello Yellow Day - Thursday 10th October

We are celebrating Young Minds' 'Hello Yellow' Day on Thursday 10th October. Please come into school wearing something yellow and bring in a £1 donation to help support young people's mental health. There will be lots of fun activities going on throughout the day - keep an eye out on the school…

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Post 16 A visit in Time

Post 16 Transition visited Rainford Village Hall this afternoon to look at how the village has changed over time.  The students saw photographs dating back as far back as 1840 and were fascinated by the old photographs.  The group are hoping to build on this experience by visiting the Heritage…

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Lunch in Unit

Post 16 Transition students have been learning about hospitality in Lunch in Unit.  They have worked as a team to produce a two course meal, set the table and add finishing touches.  They invited both Mr Grant and Mrs Bradshaw for lunch.  

The guests enjoyed their lunch and the group had…

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