Returning to the Pool

Learning Suite Foundation had an exciting morning as they returned back to Swimming. Great to see all our students happy and listening to Kirstie (swimming instructor) 

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Acts of Kindness

In Re, Learning Suite Progress have been learning about The Five Pillars of Islam; declaration of faith, praying five times a day, giving to others, fasting in the month of Ramadan and the Pilgrimage to Mecca. Today, students showed kindness by making and giving cookies to their families. We hope…

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Mrs McEvoy, Miss Reed and Mr Brierly braved water balloons this afternoon with students from LSP. Students have been working hard this week and enjoyed their reward. Thank you to parents for providing spare clothes; they were definitely needed. Thank you to out Occupational Therapist for getting…

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Sports & Fitness ASDAN

Key Stage 4 have almost completed their first challenge towards their ASDAN Sports & Fitness course. Over the past few weeks, students have taken part in Circuit Training; developing their techniques each week. Today, students completed a peer assessment. They worked in pairs and highlighted two…

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Identifying coins and notes

This term’s focus in Maths is ‘Money’. LSP have been working very hard identifying coins and notes, adding amounts together and some students have been finding 10% off the cost of their favourite gadgets. Fantastic effort!

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Virtual Summer Games Day - Tuesday 30th June


As you know, this time of year is usually very busy for the PE department and our students always excel in School Games competitions. Tuesday should have been Lancashire's annual Summer Games event at Blackpool.

Mark Forster and Chris Hart, (from West Lancashire Sports Partnership)…

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Mythical Creatures - Learning Suite Progress

This week, LSP have started planning their story on mythical creatures. Today’s focus has been to describe their character using metaphors and similes. Mrs McEvoy can’t wait to read the finished piece. Great work!

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School Games Photography Competition

If your child is interested in photography and would like to get involved with this competition, please send their names to Mrs McEvoy by tomorrow 

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The Big Camp

You have two options; indoors or garden. If you choose to camp indoors because you don’t have a tent, you don’t fancy camping in the garden or the weather looks miserable, try building a den in the space in your house (with adults permission) 

Check out our top tips under the School Games…

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Workout with Shaun Gash

Workout with Shaun Gash for a chance to win Amazon vouchers. If you do not have weights, you can use tins of beans. Mrs McEvoy looks forward to seeing your videos and photos; please send them to


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Thursday - Day 4 of Kindness Week

Tomorrow will be Day 4 of Kindness Week.

Focus is Happiness! 

Look forward to seeing what you have been doing at the end of the day. You could even take Mrs Reston's Den Challenge on and get a family selfie! 

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Sensory Swim

Our staff and swimming instructors are so pleased with the progress our students are making in the pool. Each week their confident is developing! Keep up the great work!

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