8 September 2022

KS4 Heroism Wow Day

KS4 are studying 'Heroism' in their English lessons. To stimulate their creative minds, students start all English topics with Wow Days which provide a range of concrete learning activities. They have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in wartime cooking, wartime outdoor games, building shelters with…

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1 July 2022

Year 11 Prom

Students and parents joined our Year 11 students before they departed for their Prom at Holland Hall. Students (and staff) had lots of fun celebrating their final day as Year 11's. 

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3 March 2022

World Book Day Abandoned Due to KS4 Having to Solve a Serious Crime

Today, students in KS4 walked into a horrendous crime scene. They quickly had to work as a team and get their detectives heads on! They assessed the crime scene, looked at the evidence and interrogated the suspects. After carefully assessing all evidence they made an arrest by the end of the…

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26 January 2022

Can you rewire a plug?

In Science, KS4L students have been learning how to rewire a plug. What a fantastic life skill to have! 

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19 January 2022

KS4 Life Skills

Some KS4 students have been working towards their Personal Learning Goals and learning how to use public transport. First time and a double decker arrived; lots of happy faces. 

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15 October 2021

KS4 Enrichment - Boxing

Students from KS4 welcomed Nathan for their first Boxing session today. All boys shown a high level of respect and engagement.  Great work! 

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12 March 2021


LSP have been learning how to plot coordinates on a graph. They have been learning that all graphs have an x and y axis. The x-axis is horizontal, while the y-axis is vertical. 


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27 January 2021


Keeping Active! Students from Learning Suite Progress enjoyed playing seated and standing volleyball yesterday. They also took part in a challenge to pass the ball to the front of the line and back again. Good hand eye coordination skills. 

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8 December 2020

Crushing our Anxieties

Learning Suite Progress have been talking about what happens to their bodies when they feel worried or anxious about something. They described this as a weird feeling in their stomach, using a loud angry voice or feeling sick. We discussed the benefits of speaking to a trusted adult about worries.…

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17 November 2020

1 mile Challenge

Friday 27th November is Lancashire Day and the SPAR Lancashire School Games are asking staff, pupils, parents, friends and the local community to take part in 1 mile run or walk.  They would like as many people as possible to experience the great Lancashire outdoors and take part in a mile of…

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16 November 2020

Emotions and Feelings

Students from Learning Suite Progress have been learning all about how to manage their emotions and feelings during a range of situations. Some excellent discussions were had. 


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