2 May 2024

Preston College Theatre

KS5W were invited to Preston College Theatre to watch a production of Matilda the musical.  We traveled by the school transport and the performance was free to watch, a big thank you to Preston College.  All students were fully engaged with the performance and their behaviour was…

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19 April 2024

KS5S Midstream cafe visit

KS5S enjoyed an afternoon treat at Midstream cafe.  All the students were so well behaved and enjoyed the experience.  They all went to the counter to order and pay for their drink and snack.  The staff had a great time too!

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26 January 2024

Shopping trip to Sandy Lane

KS5W went to Sandy Lane to buy ingredients for their ASDAN work, making biscuits.  They all crossed the road safely to and from the shops.  In the Co-op they each took a turn to get an item off the shopping list and pay for it.

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22 December 2023

Gulliver’s World

On Monday 18th December, KS5S went to Gulliver’s World to ride on the polar express and visit Father Christmas. The students were brilliant and everyone including the staff had a very Christmassy magical time.  This was in conjunction with doing the Polar Express as a sensory story in…

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19 December 2023

One Vision talent show

KS5W go to One Vision studios every Tuesday.  This morning they performed their ABBA routine in front of members and staff at One Vision.  They all performed really well and got a very loud clap from the audience.

Well done KS5W

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23 November 2023

KS5S Shopping in Asda

KS5S have been going out into the community.  Today they bought money in from home and we went to Asda.  Most students picked an item to buy and used their own money to pay for it.  They all put the money in the till and waited for their change.

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15 November 2023

War Horse & Remembrance activity

KS5W have been reading War Horse and looking at what soldiers wear in battle.  A student who was a member of the cadets brought his equipment into school to share with the other students.  The students enjoyed trying on the equipment and asked lots of questions.  A very informative…

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9 November 2023

Remembrance Day

KS5W have been studying War Horse.  As part of this they looked at what happened to wounded soldiers and had a go at bandaging each other.

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16 March 2022

KS5W Science week

KS5W took part in science activities for Science week.  They made seed bombs, used sensory bags and made cardboard models.

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