Image of KS4 Thrive
21 March 2024

KS4 Thrive

Mrs Higgins class have enjoyed this weeks Thrive challenge ‘Teamwork’

Students enjoyed team building games and discussed how they felt during the games, thinking about areas of Skillsbuilder to develop.

We have seen lots of fantastic skills in speaking, listening, problem solving,…

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Image of New Braille
16 January 2024

New Braille

Casey has started work on her new Electronic Braille Note. Casey works each week with her VI {Visual Impairment} Specialist Sharon, not only with her Braille but with all the conjunctions that come with it {Braille Shorthand}.

It takes a lot of concentration and skill so Casey is continuing to…

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Image of KS4W mini beast hunt
15 January 2024

KS4W mini beast hunt

During our science lesson, KS4W enjoyed a quiz to identify the mini beasts on screen. They then popped on their goggles and magnifying glasses to go on a hunt for their very own mini beasts. 


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Image of MOVE Intervention
18 December 2023

MOVE Intervention

The MOVE Programme is an activity-based framework that enables disabled young people to gain independent sitting, standing, walking and transferring skills. Every Friday morning, a small group of students take part in our MOVE intervention completing different activities and circuits to help them…

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Image of Virtual Author Visit with Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart
1 December 2023

Virtual Author Visit with Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart

KS3 and KS4 students who take part in our weekly reading intervention group had the pleasure of attending a virtual author visit run by Puffin Schools. Students were introduced to author Pippa Goodhart and Illustrator Nick Sharratt, who read their new book, ‘You Choose Christmas’, and offered an…

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Image of Be Safe, Be Seen -KS4L
20 November 2023

Be Safe, Be Seen -KS4L

In KS4L pupils have been completing their Science: Crest Star Award. Pupil’s looked at the reflectiveness and visibility of a range of materials and decided which would be the best to wear when out in the dark. The class then came up with strategies on how to be safe in the community both during…

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Image of Gateau an Yaourt Sensory Activity
17 November 2023

Gateau an Yaourt Sensory Activity

Key Stage 4 have been exploring the ingredients used to make a traditional Gateau au Yaourt Cake.  Today we explored some of the dry ingredients and play a treasure hunt game to find hidden images.  Then we had lots of fun using our hands to make patterns in the ingredients.



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Image of KS4L Toppling Towers
17 November 2023

KS4L Toppling Towers

In careers this week, KS4L have been focusing on the Skills Builder target: Aiming High. 
Pupils tried to build the tallest possible tower, and beat their record each time it fell. 
KS4L recognised the importance of persistence so that they can become ‘World Changers’ and achieve their future…

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Image of KS4 PSHE - Oral Hygiene
16 November 2023

KS4 PSHE - Oral Hygiene

In PSHE we have been learning about personal hygiene. This week we focused on teeth brushing. We used a disclosing tablet to see where about we are missing when brushing our teeth. The students had lots of fun and even some of the staff joined in.


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Image of KS4W Diwali Celebrations
15 November 2023

KS4W Diwali Celebrations

KS4W have been learning all about Diwali, the festival of light. The students measured out the correct amounts of flour, salt and water needed to make salt dough and moulded them into candle holders to create their own Diwali lamps.

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Image of KS4W Community maths lesson
10 November 2023

KS4W Community maths lesson

Students in KS4W enjoyed a community visit to the shops to buy some stock for our friday tuck shop. Students were each given the name of the item they had to find then they used money to pay for their items at the checkouts. On route to the shops students also had to find numbers within the…

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Image of KS4W Myths & Legends
10 November 2023

KS4W Myths & Legends

The topic for English during our first term has been Myths and Legends in KS4W. We have read the story of ‘Romulus & Remus’, and even acted it out with props. Our students also enjoyed a really tasty Roman feast, using our senses to smell and taste different foods.


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