Careers at West Lancashire Community High School

Our Vision

  • To educate, advise and inform our students of all pathways that will lead them to employment.

  • To deliver a broad and balanced careers program that will raise aspirations.

  • To develop employability skills for them to be positive members of our society and our future work force.


Teaching and Learning at Key Stage 3

  • Students learn about the local community jobs and their roles.
  • Students learn about themselves, their qualities and skills.
  • Students take part in Enterprise Day.


Teaching and Learning at Key Stage 4

  • Students learn about colleges through weekly college links.
  • Students learn about business and enterprise through the working with Wigan Athletic Community Trust.
  • Students participate in Enterprise Day.
  • Students will learn about employability through ASDAN short course accreditations.
  • Students have the opportunity to take part in two work experience placement.


Ways I can help at home

  • Encourage your child to be prepared when they take part in work experience.

  • Encourage your child to be organised.

  • Encourage your child to be aware of their skills and qualities.


Academic Pathways


Careers Journey

Please click on the link below to track the careers journey and opportunities for students and young adults at West Lancashire Community High School.


Gatsby Benchmarks

  • The eight Gatsby benchmarks are a framework for good career guidance developed to support schools and based on good practice across the world.

  • More information about Gatsby Benchmarks can be found in the documents below.

Gatsby Benchmarking

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