How do I request a place at West Lancashire Community High School?

We are a generic learning difficulties high school and as such every student is aged between 11-19 and has an Education, Health, Care plan. If you consider your child has an undiagnosed Special Education Need you must discuss this with the SENCO of your child’s current school or with your GP.

If your child already has an EHCP  then their future provision should be discussed at their annual review meeting. The summary of the review may include a request for a place to the Local Authority, in the first instance. The Local Authority distribute relevant papers to the appropriate schools. The school receives papers and answers the following questions:

  • Is there a place?
  • Is the school able to meet the child’s needs?

In all cases, a place at the school cannot be offered unless the Area Assessment Officer has agreed.


What is an Education, Health and Care plan?

An Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) is a new document (September 2014) that is detailed in the revised Code of Practice. It is similar in purpose to a statement with additional features of a multi agency approach and can stay with a child until the age of 25, which supports an easier transition into adulthood.

What is an Area Assessment Officer?

The Area Assessment Officer works for the Local Authority and is responsible for getting together all the necessary information which will help decide whether a child should have an /EHCP.   The officer for our district can be contacted at Area Office (South), County Hall, Preston PR1 8XB (Telephone 01772 531597).

How can I arrange a visit to West Lancashire Community High School?

If the child has been in a mainstream school and has an EHCP, there will usually have been a review meeting where it has been agreed that a place at West Lancashire Community High School be considered.  Sometimes parents like to visit the school before the review so that they get an idea of what it's like and at other times they visit after the review when a place has been suggested.

An appointment to visit the school can be made by telephoning the Family Liaison Officer at school.  The telephone number is (01695) 721487.

A copy of the school's prospectus can be obtained from this website.

What happens on the school visit?

A visit may be referenced as a Without Prejudice Visit  (WPV)

Visits usually take place in the morning and parents have an opportunity to ask any questions they wish about the school and to gain some understanding about how we might be able to help their child.  Usually, for this visit, parents come without their children.  A second visit can then be arranged where the student may come and see the part of the school in which they could be working.

What will happen if a place is offered at West Lancashire Community High School?

If your child is offered a place at the school, the parents and the Headteacher will agree a date on which he or she will start.  This starting date does not have to be at the beginning of a term. Transport information can be obtained at this time.
Occasionally, a place can be offered for a trial period.  At the end of this period, the child's needs are re-assessed and a decision made as to whether a place at West Lancashire Community High School is in his or her interests.