The Birchwood Centre is a community based project that is offering a range of services.  From mediation and counselling to mental health support for families.  The team are beginning a new set of workshops designed to support families and professionals with young people experiencing emotional and mental health difficulties. There are links to information leaflets and referral forms on this page.

Other services include

  • Supported Accommodation (Aged 16-25)
  • Together Workshop (13-18 years or aged up to 25 if there are additional needs)
  • Person Centred Counselling
  • Mediation Support (aged 13 onwards)
  • Junk Food Café (Open to all ages and runs on a Wednesday at Tanhouse Community Centre 12.00pm to 1:30pm and on Thursday  at the Ecumenical Centre 12.00pm - 1:30pm)

Check out their website for more information



If you would like to speak to one of the team call 01695 728391 or 717115

The Birchwood Centre,

64 Heversham,

Birch Green,





The organisation was founded back in 1987, and since then has helped thousands of people through the a range of different projects. This organisation has completed a project with our students here at West Lancashire Community High School when a group of girls completed a media project creating a film about online safety and they continue to offer advice to help protect young people in our community.

Their Mission

Their mission is to reduce the harm done by domestic abuse and improve the safety, health and well being of all survivors and their children.

  • To lead in preventing and ending domestic violence/abuse, and to advocate and ensure the safety of all victims of domestic violence/abuse
  • To educate and raise awareness amongst the public, media, police, judicial system, schools, social services and other agencies & organisations, about the issues involved in domestic violence/abuse, and to challenge the disadvantages which result from domestic violence/abuse, and therefore promote a cohesive inter-agency response.
  • They are committed to partnership working to ensure that all agencies respond effectively, appropriately and in a coordinated fashion to each incident of domestic violence; maintaining a focus on prevention and early intervention.#

Check out their website for more information.


If you need verbal support please call 01695 50600 or 0808 100 3062 (24 hours) 


Park Children's Centre is a local community facility that offers a wider range of support.  If you need help, advice, seeking support or just need someone to talk to you can drop in to the centre without an appointment.  Every week there is an opportunity to call in to the 'Chatty Cafe at The Park'.  Through this there may be access to early help services to offer students and family support.

Every Tuesday from 1.00pm until 3.00pm

Barnes Road



01695 654099


Child Action Northwest is a service West Lancashire Community High School have had significant links with.  They have supported our students with a range of issues and difficulties.  As a school we will make a referral through the 'Request for Support' process and assessed through the Child and Family Wellbeing Service.  The website of this charity offers an amazing amount of information for parents and carers and may prompt a discussion with staff at school about completing a referral process. 

Check out the website.

You can contact the team on the following details

Telephone - 01254 244700


If you feel some of the services are relevant to you and your family, do not hesitate to contact school.  Mr.Mullen is the primary contact for external agency links and he will be happy to support your referral requests.