As part of the local offer, please see below Open Evenings that are taking place throughout the academic year.

Transition Support


The Transition Coffee Morning on Wednesday 3rd October saw the charity 'Contact' deliver a workshop on Benefits & Grants.  The workshop was very informative.  Further information that families may find useful, can be found on their website.


The recent Transiton Coffee Morning took place on Tuesday 26th February and it was lovely to welcome some new faces.

Many discussions took place which included what transition looks at like at the end of year 11 and at P16.

If you have a son/daughter who will be transitioning in the next couple of years it is important to begin looking at local colleges and social care providers.

We as a school are committed in supporting you through this process and the next Coffee Morning will be held at one of these potential destinations.

The following PowerPoint presentation was also shared which helps identify the different steps along the the way.

Transition Support


Further information and guidance can also be found on the Lancashire County Website using the link the below.


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