Key Stage 4

Students in Key Stage 4 have the opportunity to follow a range of differentiated pathways which meet the needs of all individual learners:

  • ASDAN Transition Challenge Program
  • AQA “stand alone” units for all curriculum subject areas
  • AQA Entry Level Certificates

Students work in classes according to ability across a range of subjects.

Our classes are:

KS4 Foundation - Mrs Thompson is the class teacher.

KS4 Progress - Mrs Gibbons is the class teacher (and department lead).

KS4 Transition - Mrs Higgins is the class teacher.

Students are supported by teaching assistants Mrs Thorpe, Mrs Reed, Mrs Bradshaw, Miss Bond, Mr Edwards and Mrs Rees. Our experienced team of teaching assistants are based in the above classes but will move around within the the department to ensure the students benefit from their expertise.

In addition to the academic programs of study, all students take part in a variety of community based activities and experiences working with external providers.

  • Fir Tree Fisheries, Appley Bridge (BTEC qualification for Students)
  • DW stadium: Wigan Athletic Community Trust (OCR Business & Enterprise)
  • Myerscough College

Students in the Key Stage 4 work towards earning merits on a daily basis. At the end of each week the total number of merits achieved by each student is celebrated during the key stage reflection assembly and displayed in their own form base. Any student with a total of 100 merits or more for a half term has the option of taking part in a bowling trip or receiving a £5 voucher of their choice.

Students are encouraged to keep their own record of personal achievements and time to record these is usually allocated on a Friday following the reflection time. Students will also take part in a Skills for Life Program during the Friday afternoon sessions and this involves a combination of practical life skills: Cooking, cleaning, ironing etc. alongside visits into the wider community. Students work in mixed ability groups for the community based activities.

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