Skills Builder 

As a school we have introduced the Skills Builder programme which encourages our students to build essential skills for the future.  Students will develop skills as they learn in and outside the classroom.

At West Lancashire Community High School we are committed to providing parents with ideas to continue learning at home as part of learning beyond the classroom.   

Building Skills at Home

There has never been a more important time to be building these skills. Being confident in all eight essential skills can support the development of children’s social skills and wellbeing, their learning outcomes and their future employability.

West Lancashire Community High School works with The Skills Builder Partnership to ensure every learner has opportunities to build eight essential skills to support them now and in the future. Research has shown that building these eight essential skills can support the emotional wellbeing and academic success of children and young people, as well as preparing them for life beyond school.

Our aim as a school is to teach and practise each of the eight skills at the appropriate level throughout school life. Skills Builder has a resource platform dedicated to helping parents and carers to build their child’s essential skills at home: Skills Builder Homezone.


How to start building essential skills with your child at home

Skills Builder recognises the vital role parents and carers have in helping their children to build their essential skills. Homezone has been created for parents and carers.  As a parent or carer, you are best placed to support your child to recognise all of the different places where they are developing their essential skills. School is just one part of the picture. Hobbies, interests, community connections and activities at home can all help to build the eight essential skills your child needs now and for their future success.

From Weekly Skill Challenges, to family activities and guidance to share with older children to access independent tools for their own skill development, Skills Builder Homezone can be enjoyed at a time and pace to suit all families.

Skills Builder Home Learning Zone provides lots of activities which can be done at home to help develop essential skills.

There are different levels to enable you to pick the right level of activity for your child.  The activities are fun and are designed to encourage all family members to take part.  

The links below will give you free access to daily activities and challenges linked to the essential skills.

Home Zone

Weekend Skill Challenges


Eight essential skills

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Staying Positive
  • Aiming High
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership



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