Student Council

The student council is made up of one student per class.  The role of the council is to listen to pupils, look at making change and being the voice of all pupils within school.

The council meet regularly to discuss relevant topics such as ways to include, fundraising, curriculum activities and areas of change.


The students have met recently to take part in the interview process for recently appointed teaching assistants and teaching staff. The student council met as a group to discuss the questions they would like to ask. The council showed that they could work effectively together on behalf of the pupils to ask the best questions. The student council conducted themselves with a mature attitude and were proud to be involved in such an important process.

MP visit

The student council met West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper. Rosie gave an interesting insight to her work and the time she spends in London at the Houses of Parliament. The pupils asked Rosie questions and she was very helpful in giving advice to the council and the best ways to look at change.