Our uniform

All students are expected to wear the school uniform and maintain the highest standards of appearance at all times.

We believe that the wearing of a school uniform is an important factor in establishing a pride in, and identity with our school, and at the same time minimises social divisions between students. 


Compulsory items

  • Blue school Jumper or blue school cardigan with school logo
  • White polo shirt
  • Plain black trousers –(jeans-style, low waisted, very flared, legging-style types of trousers are not acceptable).
  • Black skirt, no higher than the knee and white socks.
  • Plain black shoes  - Sensible plain black shoes must be worn that are leather or leather looking.


Uniform Standards

  • Trainers must NOT be worn in school apart from in Physical Education lessons.
  • For health and safety reasons no jewellery should be worn in school other than a watch. Earrings, nose, tongue, face, body studs/bars etc are strictly prohibited.


PE Standards

Physical Education is a legal and important part of a student’s education and therefore it is essential for students to have their PE kit for every PE lesson , this includes Gym, Canoeing and swimming lessons

There may be occasions where a student may not be able to participate fully due to illness/injury. 

If a student is unwell or has an injury, they must bring a letter from their parent/carer stating the reason and where applicable the length of time that the student be unable to participate fully.


The School Uniform Policy can be found under the School Policies Tab