The School's Vision and Values

Our vision


To ensure that all our students receive the highest quality of education, achieving the very best that they can in a supportive and vibrant school community.


West Lancashire Community High School is a place of high expectations where everyone is challenged and supported to flourish and fulfil their aspirations.


Our mission

the highest quality of teaching and learning experiences for all students


a curriculum that meets the needs and aspirations of all students


the highest standard of care, support and guidance to allow every student to achieve success


Our values







We are proud of ourselves and our school.  We treat all people with respect and in a way that we wish to be treated ourselves

Develop each child’s academic learning capacity to the optimum in line with the National Curriculum.


Give each child the opportunity to transfer their learning to everyday life and events to prepare them for community living.


Develop a child’s capacity to have relationships with peers and adults, showing empathy, co-operation, care and respect for others.










How we will achieve our vision:

  • By working together in partnership with others including families, other professionals and services, mainstream education and society as a whole.
  • By ensuring the curriculum is balanced, dynamic and creative, yet also is adaptable to meet the needs of each individual student through their individual education plans.
  • By developing systems to monitor the effectiveness of teaching and responding as required with individual and/or group training requirements
  • By assessing and addressing the education, physical and emotional needs of each child through appropriate recording systems and meetings
  • By promoting the school as a resource for the community
  • By ensuring the school building and its equipment are suitable and safe for the needs of our students and staff


How will we know this has been achieved:

  • Through student's responses to all lessons
  • Through student's behaviour towards each other and within the community
  • Through regular assessment of students
  • Through comments/feedback from visitors to the school
  • Through regular audits