Image of KS4L: Southport Trip
25 March 2024

KS4L: Southport Trip

Student’s in KS4L, enjoyed a trip to Southport for their CLL topic ‘holidays’. 
Pupil’s enjoyed going to the park, playing in the arcades, having a drink in the cafe and buying something from the shops. 


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Image of KS4 Bunny Biscuits
6 March 2024

KS4 Bunny Biscuits

Miss Wilson’s DT class enjoyed following a visual recipe to make ‘bunny cookies’.

Pupil’s practiced their: creativity, teamwork, listening and staying positive Skills Builder skills as part of Careers Week. 

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Image of KS4L: Careers Week
4 March 2024

KS4L: Careers Week

KS4L enjoyed practicing their Skills Builder skills as part of careers week. Pupils and staff enjoyed playing basketball and practicing their teamwork, leadership and listening skills. 

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Image of KS4L- Sneaky Shadows
26 February 2024

KS4L- Sneaky Shadows

KS4L enjoyed learning about shadows as part of their Science CREST Award. Pupils experimented with making shadows outside. Pupils went on different equipment; stood still and moved to see if their could change their shadows.

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Image of KS4L- La Chandeleur
5 February 2024

KS4L- La Chandeleur

KS4L enjoyed learning about Candlemas. KS4L learnt about French traditions and beliefs. Students followed a visual recipe to make Crepes to celebrate La Chandeleur, in a traditional French way. 

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Image of KS4- Flatbread Pizza
30 January 2024

KS4- Flatbread Pizza

Pupils in KS4 enjoyed making flatbread pizzas in DT. Pupils followed a visual recipe and with support from staff cooked their pizzas. 

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Image of KS4L Music Makers
29 January 2024

KS4L Music Makers

Pupils in KS4L enjoyed watching the vibrations of sound by experimenting with rice on a drum. Pupils also learnt about sound waves by using a variety of musical instruments to investigate pitch and sound. 

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Image of KS4L Plant Detectives
22 January 2024

KS4L Plant Detectives

Pupils in KS4L enjoyed going to Warbreck Garden Centre to be plant detectives, as part of their CREST Star science accreditation.

Acting as plant detectives, pupils thought about where different plants grow. They investigated and discovered plants in their surroundings and thought about theā€¦

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Image of KS4L: Library Visit
15 January 2024

KS4L: Library Visit

Students in KS4L developed their love for reading at the library. Students chose their favourite books and read these with their friends. Students then discussed what the liked and didn’t like about the books.


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Image of KS4: Sprinkle Cookies
11 January 2024

KS4: Sprinkle Cookies

In DT, KS4 pupils enjoyed making different coloured sprinkle cookies. 
Pupils followed a visual recipe and used food colouring and sprinkles to make their shortbread extra delicious!


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Image of KS4L: Maths in the community
19 December 2023

KS4L: Maths in the community

KS4L enjoyed practicing their personal learning goals and finding a range of numbers in the community. Pupils practiced their money skills by paying for items and waiting for their change.


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Image of KS4L - Library Visit
11 December 2023

KS4L - Library Visit

As part of our community visit, KS4L explored their local library and checked books in and out. Student’s chose their favourite books and read these to their friends.

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