Image of World book day 2024
7 March 2024

World book day 2024

Students and staff enjoyed a fun filled day this year for world book day. Students learnt to express themselves through moves and dance taught by one vision and their crew, they also got creative making character wooden spoons for our sensory garden creating their own characters and stories…

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Image of Careers week inside the factory
4 March 2024

Careers week inside the factory

For careers week students took part in an immersive experience inside a factory, Students learnt all about the importance of  PPE, safety signs and how to behave when in certain areas of the factory. Students enjoyed learning how things were made and the different processes that took part within…

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6 February 2024

KS4 Developing Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills involve small muscles working with the brain and nervous system to control movements in many areas such as the hands, developing these skills supports students with writing. Each week during handwriting sessions students are given different fine motor activities to help them…

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6 February 2024

KS3L Snow making experiment

Students in KS3L have been learning all about seasons this term in science and how they are ever changing due to the earths tilted axis. The students really enjoyed a fun filled science experiment today making snow using bicarbonate of soda and hair conditioner. They then modelled the snow into…

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Image of KS4 watercolour art lesson
17 January 2024

KS4 watercolour art lesson

Students have been experimenting with water colour learning how to mix and create new colours they will be using these new skills over the term to create different patterns with. 

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Image of Sophia white from Antarctica New Zealand ks4 visit
19 December 2023

Sophia white from Antarctica New Zealand ks4 visit

Students in KS4 have been learning about Antarctica today, we have enjoyed a special visit from Sophia White, Environmental Manager for Antarctica New Zealand who shared her experiences of her time in Antarctica in an interactive presentation.

Students developed their understanding of animals,…

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Image of Lego Therapy intervention-Christmas special
15 December 2023

Lego Therapy intervention-Christmas special

Students worked in small teams or individually to create Christmas themed Lego models. Each student had a card with Santa, a Christmas tree and a snowman on they then had to find the pieces they needed in the mixed tuff tray. Each student created their own versions and worked wonderfully…

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15 December 2023

KS4W functional maths in the community

Students in KS4W enjoyed a visit to west lancs diner. They used coins and notes to pay for their own snack and drink. They enjoyed social time together with their class staff and friends. 

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Image of Lego therapy Intervention
8 December 2023

Lego therapy Intervention

Students this term have been working on their social, communication and fine motor skills through Lego therapy. Students worked in teams at the beginning of term to create Lego models. Each student had a different job role.

* The supplier - Supplies the parts to the builder

* The builder -…

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Image of Christmas market surprise
6 December 2023

Christmas market surprise

One of our KS4W students has been a busy little elf with his family, making lots of beautiful handmade decorations to sell at our Christmas markets this year. Thankyou for such a lovely donation. 

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Image of KS4W Children in need activities
17 November 2023

KS4W Children in need activities

Students in KSW4 took part in lots of fun children in need inspired activities, in maths they coloured by numbers, counted spotty Pom poms and played a game of children in need bingo as a group. For CLL they watched a pudsy story and sequenced the story in their work books. 

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Image of KS4W Community maths lesson
10 November 2023

KS4W Community maths lesson

Students in KS4W enjoyed a community visit to the shops to buy some stock for our friday tuck shop. Students were each given the name of the item they had to find then they used money to pay for their items at the checkouts. On route to the shops students also had to find numbers within the…

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