Image of KS4 Visit West Lancashire College
26 January 2024

KS4 Visit West Lancashire College

KS4C & KS4H had a wonderful tour around West Lancashire College. The pupils explored course options available to them, see courses in action and explore different rooms and activities. 

The students had the opportunity to visit Art & design, Business, Computer Science, Construction, Early Years…

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Image of Christmas Market Prep KS4
6 December 2023

Christmas Market Prep KS4

KS4 have been busy baking and making.


We have some wonderful creations,

Cakes and decorations,

We’ve used twigs and glue,

To make something new.


Come along and join in the festive fun


WLCHS Christmas Markets 7/12/23


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Image of KS4 Maths trip to West Lancs Diner
4 December 2023

KS4 Maths trip to West Lancs Diner

KS4’s Maths topic is ‘time’. The students had to use a depart and return time to plan their trip. Students also covered a range of PLG’s such as reading time, calculating money, road awareness, talking to store staff and talking to peers. 


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Image of KS4 Maths - Roman Numerals
27 November 2023

KS4 Maths - Roman Numerals

KS4 have been looking at roman numerals in Maths today. They all worked well as a team building a roman clock and converting the roman numerals.

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Image of KS4 Thrive
10 November 2023

KS4 Thrive

KS4 have been playing a silly game for Thrive mornings. The headband guessing game has been a big hit with students.


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Image of Autism And Me
10 November 2023

Autism And Me

In Autism & Me we have been looking at what makes us ‘Unique’. This week we have been focusing on our talents.


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7 July 2023

KS4C Chester Zoo - WOW day

KS4 visited Chester Zoo as part of their WOW day for their english topic - ‘Exploring’. 

KS4C had a lovely day exploring the Zoo and different habitats. We saw lots of animals both big and small. KS4C also got to see a real life explorer ‘Steve Backshall’ filming at Chester…

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7 July 2023

KS4 Work Experience - Midstream Garden Centre

Our Year 11’s doing work experience at Midstream Garden Centre did a fantastic job. West Lancashire and Midstream staff are all so proud of how hard everyone worked. They learned some new skills and gained so much confidence that they will carry with them throughout adulthood. Our students…

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7 July 2023

KS4 Work Experience - Midstream

Our year 11’s did a fantastic job getting stuck in at Midstream Garden Centre for work experience. All the staff at midstream and school are super proud of how everyone got involved and worked really hard showing a keen interest in the work environment and learning new…

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Image of KS4 Maths in the community
11 May 2023

KS4 Maths in the community

Pupils from KS4 took their maths skills to the community, practicing using operations to calculate how much their purchase will cost and how much change should be received. They did a fantastic job! They also practiced community safety, identifying hazards and being able to identify and follow…

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2 March 2023

World Book Day 2022

The students enjoyed listening to Mr. Brierley reading Oliver Twist for world book day. 

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