Image of 3H - Snowmen biscuits
17 December 2023

3H - Snowmen biscuits

Last week, 3H students had fun making melted Snowmen biscuits.....


On Digestives, snowmen were made,

Marshmallow heads, well displayed,

Rolo hats perched just right,

In the fridge, over night,

Chilly treats that no one could evade!

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Image of 3S - 10 Coke Bottles - Learning 'One Less'
17 December 2023

3S - 10 Coke Bottles - Learning 'One Less'

3S students learned 'One Less' using 10 Coke bottles, sitting on a bench.


Ten bottles lined up for the crew,

Mentos dropped in and the fizz grew,

With each explosive pop,

They subtracted a drop,

Nine left—learning 'one less,' they…

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Image of 3H - A busy week....
11 December 2023

3H - A busy week....

A busy week for 3H.......


3H students' week was so busy,

Choir singing made some feel dizzy.

Baking and park strolls,

Filled their time-holes,

Then Jack's birthday made all feel quite fizzy!


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Image of 3S - 'K' and 'Like'
4 December 2023

3S - 'K' and 'Like'

Last week, the sound of the week for 3S was 'k' and the Core Word was 'Like'. 

The students practiced using the word 'Like' while they played.

In class the 'k' sound was key,

Students practiced to sound it with glee.

With "like" they did play,

Saying it every which way,

Till 'k'…

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Image of 3H's electronics
3 December 2023

3H's electronics

Students in 3H have been learning about how batteries work and have been experimenting with electronics.  Using a few wires, a battery and a switch, they loved making fans and light bulbs work.


3H students’ experiments….so keen,

Using batteries in a brilliant routine,

Bulbs glowed so…

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Image of New routines for 3S, to help them prepare for Learning.
27 November 2023

New routines for 3S, to help them prepare for Learning.


Class 3S, are getting some fresh air,

Outside time to relax, they would share.

With stories so bold,

Their minds would unfold,

Ready for lessons, bright-eyed and aware!

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Image of Another great week for 3H.
26 November 2023

Another great week for 3H.


3H friends with Walkie Talkies, so keen,

They made Gingerbread men, quite pristine.

Outside blowing bubbles,

Their laughter, no troubles,

New adventures, they formed a sweet scene!


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Image of 3S - Celebrating Thailand's Songkran Festival
21 November 2023

3S - Celebrating Thailand's Songkran Festival

This week, 3S learned about Thailand's Songkran Festival before using their word of the week 'Colour', and water pistols to help spray paint onto an elephant.

Students learned of Songkran's fun day,

Colours on elephants, they sprayed.

With its trunk raised up high,

Underneath a…

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Image of 3S - Learning the word "on"
19 November 2023

3S - Learning the word "on"

This week, 3S learnt the word "on", by playing games.  They had a great time playing Twister, Buckaroo and Hanging Monkeys. 


Students tackled the word "on", with delight,

Played Buckaroo and Twister, left and right.

Balancing on a tree,

As happy as can be,

In games that…

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Image of 3H - Balloon Tennis
19 November 2023

3H - Balloon Tennis

Before they start playing with a tennis ball, the students have been getting used to their tennis rackets using balloons.


There once were some students so keen,

In PE, they played tennis, it seemed.

With balloons in the air,

They laughed without care,

A light-hearted,…

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Image of 3S Are Go!
12 November 2023

3S Are Go!

Six students in class, on the Go!, 

Balloons and cars, a lively show. 

With the word "Go!" in the air, 

Balloons soared with flair, 

Remote cars and Bee Bots fast and slow!

This week, 3S students have been using balloons, Bee Bots, remote controlled cars and Marble Run, to learn the…

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Image of 3H PE Lesson.....
9 November 2023

3H PE Lesson.....


In 3H PE, they all had a try,

Even Mr. Fazackerley, oh my!

A ball and a bin,

He aimed with a grin,

Swish! The cheers soared to the sky!


In PE, 3H students did brilliant.  The lesson started with a game of Stuck in the Mud before the class practiced their throwing and…

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