Post 16 Photography

Post 16 Progress groups are having fun working towards a photography project as part of their ASDAN accreditation. Students have looked at different styles of photography and famous photographers. They learned new skills by doing a photo scavenger hunt, trying out 'rules of photography to take…

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P16 Small Animals

Shannon has been very brave and has held the snake for the first time.

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Animotion - Spring 2019 - Week 2

This week in Animotion, students had a recap on the emotions happiness and excitement. We then planned a simple story board to plan out our animations. Finally we had a look at the Stop Motion Studio app on the iPads to become familiar with how the app works, in preparation for making our…

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KS3P Fire Service

KS3P were visited by the fire service this week. They had the chance to ask questions about what the job is like, they learned about some aspects of fire safety and even had a chance to try on some of the uniform!

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The Railway Children’s tea party

KS3F on world book day enjoyed listening to the story of The Railway Children and prepared their own tea party.

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The Jungle Book

Learning Suite Foundation have been looking at The Jungle Book for World Book a Day. They are made freeze frames of some of the scenes using masks, made a sensory display and even dressed up as the animals! We plan to enjoy exploring more aspects of the book over the rest of the half…

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Paper Planes!

Students in Learning Suite Foundation class have been exploring flying in Science. They have been looking at why and how things fly and today they made paper aeroplanes and had a race with them. We talked about how we had to push the aeroplanes forwards to make them fly and that gravity makes them…

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Letters from Africa

Learning suite progress were very excited to receive letters from students in an African school asking if they would like to be pen pals.

They have all written replies and we are looking forward to finding out more from our new friends




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New Autism Page

Please check out the Parent and Carer section and look for the 'Jigsaw' puzzle icon.  We have set up an autism page that we are hoping to expand with lost of helpful links and resources to support your young people at home.  There are activity links already up and links to the National Autistic…

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Bulb planting in the local community

The students have been working hard down at the Ring O Bells section of the LeedsLiverpool canal.  Today has seen 90 bulbs planted to help add some colour over the coming months.  We are hoping that the flowers will encourage butterflies and bees to the area as well as a making it bright &…

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Autism Awareness Day

On the 2nd of April 2019 we will be holding an Autism Awareness Day.  The idea of the day is to develop knowledge and understanding of Autism in a way that our students will understand.  They will take part in a range of awareness raising activities across the day and each class will post a blog…

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Preparing for spring planting

Today the students have designed information labels to help identify the vegetables and crops that have been planted in the raised beds.

The students helped to plant garlic and leeks with a sprinkling of horse manure to help add nutrients to the soil to improve quality and growth.

We look…

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