Coffee Afternoon in the Learning Suite

The Learning Suite held their first coffee afternoon for parents on Friday.  It was a successful event and it was a pleasure to see so many parents attending.  Having an opportunity to chat to parents was an excellent experience for staff and your positive feedback was truly reassuring.  We are…

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Lego Therapy - Autumn Week 11

We continued our topic of listening skills this week in Lego Therapy. We had to work in pairs and listen very carefully to each other. One person had the instructions and the other person had the parts. We had to ask for parts and ask how it should fit together - working as a team to build the…

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Box all interventions group

Hard at work in our Boxall group this morning!  we have been thinking about what makes us upset or angry and what we can do to deal with these emotions.

Mr Swift joined us and played acapella, the students and staff really enjoyed it.




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Computing in Maths.

In our maths lesson this week we have used remote control cars to to play numbers games and practice our number skills.  All students were fully engaged in their learning and sustained attention to the task.  All students worked on their Occupational Therapy plans by further developing their…

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A Visit to St. Paul's Church

Learning Suite Foundation have been learning about Christianity and Christian symbols. They have looked at churches and some of the things we might find in a church. On Tuesday afternoon, the group went on a visit to St. Paul's church in Skelmersdale where they explored all of the different things…

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Mocktail Measurement in Maths!

This week in their Measurement lesson, Learning Suite Foundation have followed a recipe for a Lemononade, Coconut milk and frozen blueberry mocktails. They read the recipe and used a measuring jug to measure out the right amount of ingredients they needed. Pupils developed their independence and…

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Information for Volunteering or Voluntary Services

If you are thinking of any volunteering opportunities, it may be worth exploring the following link.

Link to West Lancs CVS

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Adult Learning Opportunities.

Below is a link to a PDF document that provided details about some accredited adult learning opportunities. 

The courses are available until February 2019.

Contact details can be found on the flyer.

Accredited Course for Parents and Carers PDF Document 

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Mental health session 3

Today in our mental health session we discussed how we can help manage our moods and emotions and what we can do relax and make ourselves feel good. 

Be Kind to yourself and others!


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Lego Therapy - Autumn Week 10

We had a skills focus in Lego Therapy today and our focus was on listening skills.

We first had a group discussion about what makes a good listener and how this helps communication. We then played some communication games to practice our listening skills - Simon Says, Chinese Whispers and I…

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Viking Travel in Humanities KS3P

KS3P have been learning about the Vikings in Humanities. They learned about how the Vikings used to travel to invade other countries. Check out our photo gallery of our model longboats!

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Mouse Hunt !

KS4P have been working hard within their English lessons studying the film Mouse hunt as part of their accreditation.  They have taken notes, created story boards , described the characters and reviewed the film so far.

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