During Friday assembly each week, students in KS3L reflect on their successes and what what they have enjoyed this week. Students in 3L decided this week they would like their weekly blog to focus on what they have enjoyed this week.

Student voice / comments

Jamie enjoyed playing football with his friends at club time and he said everyone has been getting along well.

Josh enjoyed doing my body / PE with Mr King on Monday, he has enjoyed setting up / running breakfast club and he enjoyed supporting football at club time as referee.

Thomas has used his racing car at club and break times and has enjoyed sharing this with friends.

Tony enjoyed finding information about his favourite movie in Computing with Mr Croft.

Levi liked playing football with his friends at club time.

Kaleb enjoyed going to small animals and seeing Clyde the dog.

Alfie had fun doing Christmas Market preparations with his friends in 3L with Mrs Thorpe.

Joe has enjoyed learning about fractions in maths with Mr King and Mr Croft.

Callum has liked sharing the radio controlled car with Thomas at club and break times.

Amelia loved doing ‘Twas a night before Christmas poster (comic strip of the poem) in English with Mr Mullen and enjoyed working with friends in her Maths group.

Katie has enjoyed playing tag with her friends outside during breaks and clubs.


As you can see 3L have had an amazing week, enjoying both their learning experiences and time with their friends!