8 July 2022

Measuring Objects with Kapla Blocks in Maths

Miss Scott’s / Mr Machaj’s maths groups have been using Kapla blocks to measure real world objects in Maths today. They worked really hard with staff and counted the blocks to estimate the lengths and widths. 

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28 January 2022

KS3 Weekly Bulletin - 28.1.22

Key stage 3 have had another fantastic week of learning, demonstrating all aspects of our school badge - Respect, Achieve, Success and Friendship.

In 3W, one student demonstrated the ability to take the lead in a Sensory Circuit, a great example of ACHIEVE and SUCCESS!

In 3L, a student…

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17 June 2021

KS3F - Making 2D Planets in Computing

KS3 Foundation have looked at 2D design today in computing. They looked at our solar system and chose a planet to design in 2D, using cardboard, glue and tissue paper. They had to make sure they used the correct colours for their planets.

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9 June 2021

KS3 Foundation - Visit to Haigh Hall

Key Stage 3 Foundation enjoyed a visit to Haigh Hall this week.

Who Went?

All students in KS3F went to Haigh Hall with Mrs Reston, Mr Balson, Mrs Elliott and Miss Brannigan 

Where did we go?

We went to Haigh Hall in Wigan - we traveled there on the school minibus.

When did we…

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28 May 2021

KS3P Computing - Rocket building

Students in KS3 Progress have worked hard in their Computer Modelling topic. They have created a 2D design on paper, turned this to a 3D Computer Model using Tinkercad, and finally they have worked in groups to create 3D physical models.

Well done KS3 Progress!

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28 May 2021

KS3 Computing - Rockets ready to blast off!

KS3 Foundation worked hard finishing their rocket designs in Computing. They began with a 2D design, then worked as a group to create a 3D design on the PC and finally, they created their physical models.

Well done everyone!

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21 May 2021

KS3 Learning with the Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset

Students in KS3 have had the opportunity to enhance their learning using the Oculus VR headset in some of their lessons. They have used it to explore the International Space Station in Computing, visiting a simulation of the space station both inside and outside, floating in space!


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17 May 2021

Using Tinkercad to make 3D models in KS3P Computing

Students in KS3P have been using Tinkercad on the iPads to create 3D designs in Computing. Next week, they will use the skills they have learned to create 3D models of rockets, based on the 2D designs they have created this week.

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17 May 2021

Designing 2D and 3D rockets in KS3F

Students in KS3F have been designing 2D and 3D rockets as part of the 3D modelling topic in Computing. They were given a brief to design a rocket that can fly on a mission to the moon. 

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28 April 2021

Matilda's Journey - Day 3 and 4

Hi Everyone!

We have all been very busy working in school and Matilda has also been very busy travelling to us. She has travelled such a long way and has now arrived in the UK! Part of this journey involved Matilda travelling through the Euro Tunnel! How exciting!

Below is a photo gallery…

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21 April 2021

Say Hello to Matilda, our Therapy Dog!

Hi Everyone.

Please meet Matilda.

I will be posting photos on the Parent Facebook Page and blogging on our school website.

Feel free to follow her travels as she continues he journey to us.

Today is day three and I am hoping all being well, she will arrive in the UK on Friday.


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26 March 2021

KS3F Computing - Spring Term 2021 - Algorithms

Students in KS3 Foundation have been learning about Algorithms this term. They now understand that an algorithm is a set of instructions and they have to be in the correct order.

They used our new Blue Bots which connect to the tactile reader seen in the pictures. Students put the correct tiles…

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