aniMATE video highlights - Spring 2020

Our aniMATE group have show excellent team work in recent weeks making animations based on different scenarios. They have been focussing on how these scenarios will make people feel. You can see some examples of our videos below.

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Fisheries Animations

Students in KS4 have created some fantastic animations as part of their off site learning at the Fisheries. 

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KS3T Spanish Armada Stop Motion Animations

Students in KS3T have been working on stop motion animations this half term to show what they have learned about the Spanish Armada with Mrs Appleton. They used Stop Motion Studio on the iPads to create their videos and some narration was added to them, either as part of the animation or during a…

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aniMATE Intervention - Autumn Video Highlights

Students in our aniMATE intervention have worked hard creating animations based on friendship themes this half term. Please see some highlights of the animations they have created below!

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KS3 Transition - Christmas Markets

Key Stage 3 Transition have been working hard to manufacture products for their stall in hte Christmas Markets. Check out their video below which advertises the products they have made.

The Christmas Markets will be taking place in school on Friday 6th December from 10am to 11.30am.

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KS3 Interventions - Handwriting

Students in KS3F have been working daily to practice handwriting skills. One student is currently using the 'Wet - Dry - Try' method as advised by our school Occupational Therapist, Judith.

He is making great progress so far and is now beginning to write a straight line with minimal support and…

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Working together in aniMATE

In aniMATE today, students were challenged to work together with people they have not worked with before. Our students rose to the challenge, negotiated with one another and produced some excellent animations based on friendship.


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Children in Need 2019

Staff in school got in the spirit of things today and dressed up in Pudsey Onesies. They put a huge smile on everyone's faces. Our school had a non-uniform day to help raise funds for this good cause.


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aniMATE Intervention - Friendships and Emotions

aniMATE is an intervention where students get to explore emotions and friendship themes to help them with their own real world friendships. The aim is for them to be able to recognise emotions in others, through body language and facial expressions.

This half term we have been focusing on…

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KS3F Autumn 2 - Week 2 Blog

This week compared old and new movies in English. We looked at light and dark in Science. We learned about the Prodigal Son in R.E. Some of us also continued interventions like fine motor skills and speech therapy.

Ben enjoyed doing words in English

Poppy enjoyed Art - self…

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Kitten therapy

Our school photographer Kai has been busy taking photographs today



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KS3 Foundation - Autumn 1 Blog

KS3F worked really hard this half term. We did some of the following work:

- Emotion work

- We we learned about Henry 8th in history and made some collages.

- We learned about plants and seeds in Science.

- Some of us learned how to spell our names.

- We learned about Charlie and…

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