KS3L have chosen to talk about what their favourite lesson activities have been this week.

Jamie - I enjoyed Computing learning about good information and bad information.

Josh - I enjoyed English today because we did creative writing. I did a long paragraph using images. One was of police, one was an old lady in a big old house. I was proud of my work.

Thomas - I have enjoyed Maths this week. I likes all of the lesson.

Tony - I liked Computing with Mr Croft. I enjoyed going on google images and putting the images on PowerPoint.

Alfie - I enjoyed Maths and doing hard work in it. I enjoyed English today writhing a story about a picture.

Levi - In English I was doing a zombie story where the good guys won. Godzilla was in it and a gorilla.

Kaleb - I did a story about a photographer in creative writing. They went to take a picture of the city.

Joe - I did fractions and halves. I played some Maths games and enjoyed the train one the best.

Amelia - I enjoyed making an an animation for my PLG. It’s about Scrooge and Christmas past. I did my ‘Twas a night before Christmas drawings and put some of my family in it to make it futuristic.

Callum - I think Computing is alright.

Katie - I can’t think about anything for my lessons but i feel proud of playing with different people on the KS3 yard.

Ethan - I liked DT working with Mrs Seddon. I helped make wooden snowmen for Christmas Markets.

KS3 L have had a very successful week in their lessons! Enjoy a well earned rest this weekend!