26 March 2021

KS3P - Spring Term Computing - Algorithms

Students in KS3 Progress have been learning about Algorithms this term. They learned new language such as sequence, algorithm and debugging. 

Our students now understand that an Algorithm is a set of instructions in the correct sequence to provide a desired outcome.


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26 November 2020

KS3 Progress Bike Ride - 25.11.20

Students in KS3P spent some time on the bikes again today. They really enjoyed getting out in the fresh air and showed good turn taking and sharing skills.


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24 November 2020

Social games in KS3 Progress

KS3 Progress spend some time each day playing a variety of games to encourage them to interact with one another in small social groups. This encourages and promotes good social skills such as turn taking and joint attention control. All students in our class have communication targets and this…

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25 September 2020

aniMATE intervention in KS3F

Students in KS3 Foundation have been taking part in aniMATE on Friday mornings. this week they practiced skills such as attention control and some fine motor skills by making an animation using sweets. They even got to eat their sweets afterwards!! Check out the videos…

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11 September 2020

Rock And Blob Treasure Hunt

This is a animation I made about a rock and a blob who are friends. They get into a fight. -Robert M

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9 September 2020

Robert's Man and Orb Animation

Robert has worked really hard in school today. In some of his free time, he used an iPad and Stop Motion Studio to create an amazing animation.


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31 August 2020

Exciting changes to our classrooms over summer!

During the summer there have been some exciting changes made to different areas of the school. Some things have now been finished and we would like to share this with you before you come back to school.

There have been changes in Learning Suite Foundation, Miss Scott's classroom. Part of the…

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7 July 2020

Making fruit salad in KS3

Students in KS3 have been learning about healthy lifestyles and foods. They filled in an eat well plate yesterday and today they had a go at making a fruit salad!

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12 June 2020

Film & Theatre Week - Performing Arts

One of our students has been performing the theme tune to The Addams Family this week for Theatre & Film week. He has been using songs to help recognise characters in the story.


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8 June 2020

Movie & Theatre Week - Dance Challenge

This week is Movie and Theatre week and you have been set a challenge by Ben Darcy, Mrs Darcy's son. Ben is an actor who has starred in the West End in London. He has put together a routine for you to try.

Watch Ben's video then have some fun yourself. If you are feeling confident enough, film…

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28 April 2020

Introductory Dance Video

Good Morning

This time of year is usually my favourite time as it's when we are so busy taking part in School Games competitions and winning lots of medals. Covid -19 won't stop that from happening though as, this week students across Lancashire will be taking part in a Virtual Dance…

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28 April 2020

DofE Challenge - KS3

One of our students in KS3 has been taking part in challenges for DofE. Well done for taking part and keep up the good work!

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