One of our KS3F Students Singing to the Beatles!

One of our students in KS3 Foundation remembered learning about the Beatles last half term. Here is a video of her singling along to 'Love me Do'. Well done!

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The Snail and the Whale and Easter Bonnets

Two pupils from KS3 have been reading “The Snail and the Whale”, then they used the story to practice speech and language skills.  Later on they made Easter bonnets.

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A Key Stage 3 pupil working at home.

Many of us are working at home. Here is one of our KS3 students keeping himself very busy, with some help from his Mum.

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A KS3 Transition Student working hard at home!

One of our students in KS3 Transition is working really hard at home! Keep up the good work and keep sending those updates to school, we love to hear from you!

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Hard work at home by a KS3F student!

One of KS3 Foundation students has been working very hard at home! Check out the gallery below showing eveything he has been doing.


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A KS3P student working exceptionally hard at home!

One of our students in KS3 Progress has been working very hard! Check out all hte work he has completed at home!


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Mrs Gibbons wellbeing message - Going outside

Mrs Gibbons has a really important message for all our students. She recommends that everyone make sure they get outside for some fresh air and exercise as it is really importnat for our mental wellbeing. Just remember to keep up with social distancing too!

Enjoy your walks everyone and send us…

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Homeschool work

KS3 students working at home.

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Ramble On!

We are very proud of this Post 16 student who earlier in March walked to the top of Kinder Scout. At 2,087ft above sea level, Kinder Scout is the highest point of the Peak District and one of the most challenging walks in that area.  This is a great achievement, well done!

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Practicing life skills

One of our students has been busy at home, practicing an important lifeskill.  This is something we are encouraging everyone to try.


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P.E. Home Schooling Football Challenges

Check out a video below of one of your students taking on some football challenges at home. A great way to get some P.E into your home school schedule. Well done!!

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West Lancashire Fine Motor Skills Challenge!

I’m setting you a challenge for this week to earn a special certificate when you’re back at school!

West Lancs Fine motor skills Challenge!

Anyone who emails me photo evidence of all 5 challenges by the end of this week will receive a SPECIAL CERTIFICATE 


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