We were set the challenge of creating our own games today by the WACT coaches. With the focus on teamwork, students also engaged with critical thinking, innovation, problem solving and design.

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Capital letter?

As part of our SPAG work this week we have looked at which words need capital letters and why. Pupils took part in a range of activities to develop their skills and confidence when deciding which words need a capital letter in their writing.

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Fine motor

Some of our Key Stage 4 pupils have identified life skills which they feel it would benefit them to develop as part of their fine motor work. Shoelaces can be very tricky and they have shown dedication and perseverance developing their skills so they can be more independent and have a greater…

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Horse feeds

This week our horse care group focussed on what horses eat and drink.  They explored different feeds and helped fill nets before feeding a carrot each to the horses for a treat. Meanwhile the riders are making great progress so smiles all round.

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Learning Suite Tree Planting Day

Learning Suite Foundation and Learning Suite Progress have enjoyed a day filled with tree-related activities including finger painting their own leaves onto trees, leaf rubbings and planting their own trees. It's been a really fun day!


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Tree Planting Day

We were delighted to receive 105 trees from the Woodland Trust. This meant we were able to celebrate National Plant a Tree Day with every student planting  a tree. We enjoyed taking part in environment and tree themed activities throughout the day, learning about the importance of trees in the…

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KS3 Transition - Christmas Markets

Key Stage 3 Transition have been working hard to manufacture products for their stall in hte Christmas Markets. Check out their video below which advertises the products they have made.

The Christmas Markets will be taking place in school on Friday 6th December from 10am to 11.30am.

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KS4 Final Art Pieces

KS4 Art Options Group have been working hard on their final pieces.  The students have been using the work of artists to influence their final designs.  The students are working hard trying new ideas and working out which medium is best to use.  They have been studying many artists which have…

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KS3 Interventions - Handwriting

Students in KS3F have been working daily to practice handwriting skills. One student is currently using the 'Wet - Dry - Try' method as advised by our school Occupational Therapist, Judith.

He is making great progress so far and is now beginning to write a straight line with minimal support and…

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KS4 Health and wellbeing

KS4 Progress students have been looking at the eat well plate and learning about healthy lifestyles.

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LSF Egg Sorting

Today in maths, Learning Suite Foundation watched the Scene from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory where the geese lay golden eggs and they are weighed and sorted into 'good' and 'bad'.


Students had to weigh the eggs and if they weighed more than 20g, they were 'good' eggs, and less…

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Working together in aniMATE

In aniMATE today, students were challenged to work together with people they have not worked with before. Our students rose to the challenge, negotiated with one another and produced some excellent animations based on friendship.


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