Learning Suite Foundation Sensory Circuits

Our students have been working hard on a range fine motor skills activities as part of their Intervention Morning.  Before break the students attended their individual interventions such as Sensory Swim, SULP and MOVE.  After break they all returned to class to complete a circuit of 4 different…

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Boxall Nurture

Today during interventions our Boxall group enjoyed some quiet time in the light room, we listened to a C.D. called Rays of Calm for teenagers whilst relaxing with some calming lights and the bubble tube on. This helps the students to start the day in a calm environment and helps them think about…

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Why do we do dough gym in KS3F?

We asked KS3F why do we do dough gym.

This is what they said:

Reece: To get better at doing shoe laces. To get better at writing and typing. 

Poppy: It helps our brain and our muscles.

Katie: It helps us use two hands together.

Ben: To get better at building.


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Mental Health Support

Below is a flyer for a new workshop organised by the Birchwood Centre.  The workshops aim to support families and professionals with young people who are experiencing emotional and mental health difficulties.  The workshops are designed to be peer driven and hopefully a great networking…

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Snow Day

We know the snow can be an inconvenience for some of us but here’s one of our family’s making the most of a day off school. Hope you have all had fun making memories today. 

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Bearded dragon

We have been using IQ the bearded dragon to inspire our art work in class.

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KS3P Swimming Pool Safety

KS3P did some work today after their swimming session that focused on how to stay safe at the swimming pool. We are now aware of all the signs at the pool that help to keep us safe and the importance of listening to our swimming teachers instructions. 

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Lego Therapy - Spring 2019 - Week 3

This week we continued our focus on transferring skills learned to other activities. We played a game of 'Hungry Hippos' but our game was a bit different! We became the 'Hippos' and we had to work in pairs and compete with each other to gather as many balls as possible. We had so much fun we…

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Therapy Work In Learning Suite Foundation

In Learning Suite Foundation this week our students have been working hard with the Occupational Therapist (Judith) and Speech and Language Therapist (Susan) to further develop their communication and fine motor skills.

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Writing on the theme ‘The island’

We are working hard completing work for our AQA unit awards in English, we are using lots of descriptive sentences to describe the images which we have chosen.


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Fun in the Snow!

Learning Suite Progress had the chance to get out and enjoy the snow on Tuesday. We had a snowball fight, Mrs McEvoy helped Kayne target his friends whilst Connor saw his oppourtunity to plant a huge snowball in Mrs McEvoy’s face. Great fun! For more pictures check out Leaning Suite Progress’…

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Clock Work

In Maths Learning Suite Foundation have been looking at time to the hour.  We have identified the minute hand and hour hand.  We have used the phrase o'clock and we have matched times by moving the hour hand.

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