World Environment Day 2019

Learning Suite Progress accepted the challenge from KSP to make a mask for World Environment Day. We had a discussion about air pollution and all made pledges of how we will make a conscious effort to save our…

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Read Write Inc KS3F

KS3 F enjoyed their Read Write Inc lesson in the outside classroom this morning. They recapped their speed sounds and used the outdoor environment to find objects and surroundings beginning with each sound.

they worked really hard on their reading and writing. Well…

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KS3T design technology making clocks

KS3T designed their clocks in their dt books and then used a vice to hold their wood so they could cut their shapes out.

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Horticulture Open Day Preparation

Students have been busy preparing and making flower pots, troughs and hanging baskets in preparation for our annual horticulture day on Wednesday 17th June.

More information will follow in regards to the open day when parents and carers will be able to visit, see the work that the students have…

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World Environment Day at West Lancs Community High School

Ks3 Foundation have been working hard to think of ways that they can help their environment, they came up with ideas such as 

walking instead of travelling in cars

recycle using the correct bins provided

trying not to waste food 

refill water bottles instead of always buying bottled…

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KS4 P World Environment Day

This morning we accepted the world environment day challenge and made our own pollution masks. We are going to make sure we always try and turn off electrical products once we are finished with them. We challenge KS3P, P16 and LSP to do the world environment day challenge too. #worldenvironmentday…

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NAS Survey

It has been 3 years since we achieved our accredited status from the National Autistic Society.  It is now time for us to be re-accredited and this will take place from 11th June 2019 to the 13th June 2019.  Our adviser Jonny Knowles will be undertaking the assessment and will have a moderator…

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KS3P Computing Presentations

KS3P worked hard last half term to create PowerPoint presentations about a subject area they were interested in. They had to be very creative with the content, using transitions between slides, text and photo animations and interesting photos related to the content they had researched. They spent…

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Our business plan!


As part of careers KS4 have been working as a team to create their own business plan after being given a brief as part of an Aprentice style task.  They have come up with some fantastic ideas during group discussions and are now working on developing logos and leaflets to promote their…

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Horse Riding for the First Time!

A student from Learning Suite Foundation attended his first horse riding session today.  He has saved up his rewards to exchange for this experience and he has been so excited.  Our young man was a natural and enjoyed every moment of his experience.  He is looking forward to going again after the…

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Maths Outdoors

One of our maths topics this half term has been about exploring sorting and classifying objects.  We have played games that have involved recycling and sorting different materials.  In this activity we have focussed on the colour of objects.  It was a beautiful day so we decided to move the lesson…

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Learning Suite Foundation Family Tree

In our Personal and Social Development lessons we have been communicating about the people that are special to us.  The outcome of these lessons was this amazing family tree display in our classroom.

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