Image of World book day in KS4
17 April 2023

World book day in KS4

As part of World book day KS4 went to Skelmersdale library and enjoyed the activities and looking at a wide range of books. 

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Image of KS4 Reading
17 April 2023

KS4 Reading

KS4 playing a pairs game with the set 2 sounds they are learning in reading.

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Image of KS4 School Games
17 April 2023

KS4 School Games

A small group of our KS4 students visited the spar distribution centre to represent West Lancashire Community High School for school games. 

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Image of KS4 Horticulture
17 April 2023

KS4 Horticulture

Students in Key stage 4 have been planting vegetables during horticulture which they have grown in the schools greenhouse from seeds they sewed earlier in the year. These vegetables will later be harvested by our students and used throughout departments within cookery lessons for our students to…

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Image of North West Ambulance
5 April 2023

North West Ambulance

Students took part in a six week programme delivered by North West Ambulance Service. Abbey and Mike taught our students how to safely call for an ambulance when needed. Students loved their immersive experience and being able to talk to paramedics and experience being in an…

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Image of KS3W Creative Arts - Photo Frames
29 March 2023

KS3W Creative Arts - Photo Frames

This term, KS3W have been exploring different artists and looking at their art styles. We explored these art styles in our art books, then we designed a photo  Once this was finished, we made a photo frame and used our designs to decorate our frames.

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Image of KS3L - Science - Animal Cells
29 March 2023

KS3L - Science - Animal Cells

In Science this week, KS3L have been learning about animal cells. We looked at the basic structure of an animal cell and what each of the organelles is for. We also learned that our bodies have many different types of cell that do different jobs. We then made models of a chosen type of animal…

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Image of KS5W Mother’s Day Event
16 March 2023

KS5W Mother’s Day Event

KS5W had a wonderful afternoon with their mums during a special celebration. Students make cornflakes cakes, chocolate chip cookies and scones. They took orders for drinks and helped to set the room up and tidy away. It was lovely to spend time with family and all the mums really enjoyed the…

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Image of KS5W Public Bus Travel Training
10 March 2023

KS5W Public Bus Travel Training

We really enjoyed our first time travelling on the bus using our Now Cards. We are looking forward to the next time. 

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2 March 2023

World Book Day 2022

The students enjoyed listening to Mr. Brierley reading Oliver Twist for world book day. 

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Image of KS4 Low Bank Ground Residential
13 February 2023

KS4 Low Bank Ground Residential

Monday 6th February 2023 

Excited for our adventures ahead we travelled to Low Bank Ground in Coniston. We were welcomed with the beautiful view of lakes and mountains.  

We were kitted out with waterproofs and boots ready for our first activities. Team A enjoyed a walk around Tarn Hows and…

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Image of Community Walk
10 February 2023

Community Walk

Miss Chisnall's Maths group took advantage of the amazing sunny weather and headed out into the community.  Along the way, the students found the park and enjoyed some quality friendship time together.

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