19 October 2021

Happy Birthday Sarah

Happy Birthday Sarah.  Sarah picked one of the Worst Witch books as her birthday gift from school.

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18 October 2021


On Friday a group of our students enjoyed cooking Spaghetti Bolognese independently following a Gousto recipe.


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15 October 2021

KS4 Enrichment - Boxing

Students from KS4 welcomed Nathan for their first Boxing session today. All boys shown a high level of respect and engagement.  Great work! 

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15 October 2021

KS4 Performing Arts

We really enjoyed taking spooky photographs and making shadow puppets with torches. After that we turned the lights off and put on torches and told spooky stories. 


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4 October 2021

Making a fruit salad

In their Careers lessons, KS3S have been learning about healthy lifestyles and healthy eating. Today they followed visual instructions as independently as possible to identify, prepare and, most importantly, eat a fruit salad!

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1 October 2021

Happy Birthday Charlie

Happy Birthday Charlie.  Charlie picked a David Walliams book as his birthday book gift.

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30 September 2021

Happy Birthday Liv

Happy 17th Birthday to Liv.  Liv showed her love of animals by picking a book titled "Call to the Wild" for her birthday book present.

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28 September 2021

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Georgia.  Georgia has picked a traditional tale of Goldilocks and the three bears as her birthday book gift. 

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23 September 2021

French greetings

This morning in French KS4W students have been learning French greetings.

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20 September 2021

Light Room Session

Enjoying our Monday morning lightroom session.

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17 September 2021


KS3 students enjoyed this mornings Motor Activity Training Programme session and worked really hard! We played parachute games, completed circuits, did our strength exercises and finished with some relaxation. Well done all!


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16 September 2021

Traffic Survey

This afternoon Key Stage 4 W carried out a traffic survey, as part of Transition Challenge,  to find out what type of vehicle passed our school most often. The students enjoyed recording how many vehicles passed our school.

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